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 Divi's Labs earns an Income of Rs.313 crores for Q3 of FY11
 Divi's Labs earns an Income of Rs.265 crores in Q1
 Divi's Labs earns a PAT of Rs.129 crores for Q4
 Divi's Labs earns an Income of Rs.649 crores for 9M of FY10
 Divi's Labs earns an Income of Rs.445 crores in H1 of FY10
 Divi's Labs earns a PAT of Rs.417 for the year 2008-09 And declares 1:1 bonus
 Divi's Labs PAT for 9 months
grows by 21% to Rs.309 crores
 Divi's Labs PAT for Q2 grows by
49% to Rs.135 crores
 Divi's Labs PAT for Q1 grows by
45% to Rs.94 crores
 Divi's Labs PAT for Q4 grows by 87% to Rs.348 crores
 Divi's Labs PAT for Q3 grows by 216% to Rs.99 crores
 Divi's Labs PAT for Q2 grows by 204% to Rs.91 crores
 Divi's Labs PAT for Q1 grows by 153% to Rs.65 crores
 Divi's Labs PAT for FY07
grows by 167% to Rs.186 crores
 Divi's Labs Q3 total income
 grows by 38% to Rs.152 crores
 Divi's successful US-FDA
 inspection for Unit II
 Divi's Labs Q2 total income
 grows by 97% to Rs.165 crores.
 Divi's Labs Q1 total income
 grows by 142% at Rs.165
 Divi's Laboratories earns
a net of 70 crores on an income
of Rs.392 crores in FY06
 Divi's gets nod for pharma SEZ
 Divi's Laboratories earns a
 PBT of Rs.43 Crores in
 First-Half of FY06
 Divi's Laboratories earns a
 total income of Rs.68
 Crores in Q1 of FY06
 Divi's Laboratories earns a
 total income of Rs.365
 Crores in FY05
 Divi's Laboratories earns a
 Net of Rs.105 Crores in Q3
 Divis Laboratories earns a
 PBT of Rs.45 Crores in
 First-Half of FY05
 Divi's Laboratories earns a
 Net of Rs.14 Crores in Q1
Custom Synthesis

Divis undertakes custom manufacture of APIs and advanced Intermediates offering a competitive advantage to its clients over the entire life cycle of the products.

It is a very common practice to find several MNC clients audit our facilities regularly in course of the custom manufacture of their products. This transparency in operation has resulted in increased confidence, trust and business between Divis and its clients.

With four R&D Centers, two Pilot Plants, two large scale manufacturing units including a cGMP / ISO / FDA accredited facility, Divis is an ideal partner for custom synthesis, process development and mass manufacturing of customer's own discovery product.

Divis undertakes complete and acceptable validation of processes. Divis also offers its analytical and process expertise for generating reliable data for regulatory agencies [e.g. stability studies as per ICH] and its documentation expertise for preparing draft DMFs, CoS etc. for regulatory submissions.

FTE / Contract Research

Divis clients enjoy a great benefit from the foundations on which the entire company was built the Divis Research Center.

With years of experience, experimentation and application, the scientists at Divis Research Center (DRC) are the right people to be tapped for contract research projects.

Over the years many an innovator company has leveraged the strength of DRC on a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) basis.

The Research team is specialized in process design for new drug candidates, development up to gram/kilo scale, structural elucidation, impurity profile studies, process validation, process justification, process optimization, analytical methods development and validation, environment impact analysis, safety studies and time cycle studies etc.

An engagement with DRC gives our clients the advantage to concentrate on actual invention and also gives them a team that has the capacity to re-evaluate and give a second opinion on the primary invention or discovery itself.


DIVIS KiloLab has automated jacket control and addition control systems.

Block Glass jacketedreaction distillation unit (Lts) Decomposer(Lts) Separation Drying Finishing
Kilo Lab 2 x 50
1 x 25 Lts
1 x 150 Lts
1 x 100 1 x 1 M2 (CLF)
1 x 8" (CF)
1 x 20 (LF)
2 x 50 (NF)
1 x 120 (FBD)
2 x 3trays (VTDR
1 x Std. (M.Mill)
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