The value of thanking Employees

Strong productivity is the result of many things, but at its foundation is a winning culture.


Work Hard, Grow and Succeed

Our family that started off with 200 employees at its inception is now a ~16,500+ strong diverse, talented and committed workforce that strives to set industry benchmarks that sets us apart from rest of the industry.
Divi’s is very proud of the fact that its employee retention rate is the highest in the industry as it believes and encourages collaborative culture.
Our employees are our most important resource and our strong core global teams ensure adequate support in fulfilling our mission with great responsibility.
With the kind of industry we are in, employee loyalty is our key asset. Everyone here believes in values and ethics that go beyond the business.
Divi’s encourages transparent and collaborative culture where employees can discuss their opinions and views, which naturally imbibes a thought of them as guardians or ambassadors of Divi’s and its values.