Corporate Social Responsibility

At its core, our business is about partnering with people to help them achieve their best “LIFE”.


At its core, our business is about partnering with people to help them achieve their best “LIFE”.

The Corporate Social Responsibility programmes at Divi’s largely focus on an integrated business model with social and environment priorities in order to create shared value.
The Corporate Social Responsibility activities at Divi’s are majorly concentrated around the neighboring villages of both the manufacturing units.
Providing a safe and healthy work environment for our colleagues, contractors and visitors is a business priority and core value at Divi’s.
Below are a few focus areas of our Corporate Social Responsibilities undertaken every year.

Child Empowerment

Children Benefited

Preventive Healthcare

People Benefited

Safe Drinking Water

People Benefited

Plantation Drives

Saplings Planted

Animal Welfare

People Benefited

Village Development

People Benefited

Child Empowerment

Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens, and it is they who determine our nation’s future. We at Divi’s want the future generations to learn to sustain while also learn to grow in their lives. This is only possible when today’s children are empowered to do so. We want to ensure that the needs of the communityare met without compromising on safety of the future generations.


Key Initiatives FY2020-21:

  • Providing Safe Drinking Water
  • Construction of Toilets for Girls & Boys
  • Utensils for midday meals scheme
  • Scholarships for professional courses students
  • Distribution of Horlicks Sachets every day
  • Scholarships for Merit & Physically Challenged Students
  • Teaching aids, Science labs, Infrastructure Development etc.,


  • Distribution of notebooks and nutritional products to students: 105 Schools and ~15,000 Students
  • Theme paintings & gym equipment: 5 schools and ~660 Students
  • Digital class rooms: 9 Schools and ~560 Students


Divi’s firmly believes that the provision of adequate healthcare is a basic necessity in any community. As a result, we encourage a preventive approach to healthcare. We try to achieve this by creating health awareness among the underprivileged people living near our manufacturing units. Our awareness initiatives have resulted in permanent changes in peoples’ attitude towards hygiene, leading to prevention of illness to decrease the burden of disease and associated risk factors.


Key Initiatives FY2020-21:

  • Free Eye and Dental care Camps
  • ORT training and pulse polio campaigns
  • Addl. Incentives for Family Planning and awareness campaigns on HIV/ Aids, epidemics and malaria
  • Fluorosis health camps
  • Prevention camps for Japanese Encephalitis
  • Pulse Polio Immunization Program


Preventive Healthcare-Including Covid Initiatives: ~4,00,000 beneficiaries


The people living in villages are sometimes deprived of basic community infrastructure, due to lack of proximity to urban areas. Under-developed infrastructure, roads, educational centres and lack of medical facilities are a hindrance. Divi’s strives to bridge this imbalance by contributing towards the development of the rural areas.


Key Initiatives:

  • Construction of Roads, Bus Shelter, Community Halls, drains, Dahana Vaticas
  • Renovation of places of worship
  • Digging Agricultural Bore wells
  • Providing Street lights and their accessories
  • De-silting of Tanks, canals & community ponds
  • Distribution of Street Lights

Significant projects undertaken by Divi’s in FY2020-21:

  • Development of Children’s Park at P.M Palem
  • Gym equipment distribution to Cherukupalli Panchayat
  • Cricket kits distribution to two villages
  • Hyrdaulic Auto to Gudiwada Panchayat
  • Distribution of LED lights to Thudem
  • Provision of kitchen shed and toilets at Maddipeta


Divi’s understands the importance of dairy farming in the local communities and has initiated several animal welfare programmes to keep the livestock healthy. This includes disease prevention, veterinary treatment, appropriate shelter management, nutrition and humane handling. We understand that dairy farming is an important source of subsidiary income to small/marginal agricultural farmers. In addition to milk, the manure provides a good source of organic matter for improving soil fertility and crop yields.


Key Initiatives FY2020-21:

  • Conducting Veterinary Camps
  • Expert’s Advisory Camps on Dairy Development, Cattle feed and Animal Welfare
  • Improvement of Veterinary Dispensaries
  • Contribution of medical equipment, vaccination and medicines to veterinary hospitals


  • 28 Villages and ~50,000 People


Divi’s endeavors to make safe drinking water available to those who do not have access to potable water. Our ‘Project Sujalam – any time safe drinking water for all’ – aims to make safe drinking water accessible to the communities around our manufacturing facilities.

The water in and around Andhra Pradesh and Telangana contains dangerously high levels of fluoride which we aim to purify through our Water Purification Programme ‘SUJALAM’. We have made it our mission over the past many years to use techniques like reverse osmosis to get rid of ground water impurities like fluoride, lead, sodium, and chlorine while also installing storage water tanks in the local communities, so that continuous drinking water is available, accessible and consumable.


Making Safe Drinking Water Accessible ( PROJECT SUJALAM):

  • RO Plants Installed : 81
  • People Benefitted : ~2,15,000


Divi’s is proactively taking steps to restore the green cover of the planet. What better way of sustaining our ecology than to plant seeds for our future generations?

‘A tree for every occasion’ has been a tradition at Divi’s for years. All our employees are dedicated to our values of restoration and preservation with great
enthusiasm. We have led major plantation drives in the Choutuppal & Bhimili regions, where we have overseen over 1 lakh plantations in villages. Promoting greenery in these regions has helped improve the ecological balance and has created a healthy environment.


Plantation Covered FY2020-21:

  • Villages Covered: 30
  • Number of Plantations: ~1,35,000
  • Number of VrukshaMitras: 102

Helping Fight Covid-19

Divi’s believes that any support that can be offered to the communities that are impacted due to COVID-19 is positive and impactful, no matter how big or small. Divi’s is continuously supporting the communities around our manufacturing units by providing essential and hygiene needs such as food supplies, sanitizing supplies, protective masks etc.


Key Initiatives: First Wave

  • Creating Awareness among the communities with ~7000 families on COVID-19!
  • Contributed Rs.10 Crore funds to CMRF, Telangana & Andhra Pradesh!
  • Supplying Basic needs & Hygiene essentials to Quarantine Centers, comforting ~6500 people a day!
  • Distribution of essential provisions to the needy, supporting the well-being of ~110,000 people!
  • Supporting the safety & well-being of ~5000 COVID-19 front-line warriors a day!
  • Sanitizing communities around our manufacturing units, safeguarding the health of ~500,000 people!
  • Lending a helping hand to ~1900 migrants a day by Divi’s Employees!

Key Initiatives: Second Wave

  • Sanitizing communities and spreading awareness around our manufacturing units, benefiting ~135,000 people
  • Supplying oxygen cylinders and concentrators to Government hospitals in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh!
  • Supplying essential healthcare supplies to existing Health care centers and Setting up a new Covid-19 Health care center, accommodating ~50 patients!
  • Setting up Oxygen generation plants in two major Government hospitals, helping patients have access to uninterrupted oxygen supply!


As we move forward, we shall continue to serve the communities where we live and work, in our entire capacity. For more information and updates on our support initiatives please visit: