Corporate Social Responsibility

At its core, our business is about partnering with people to help them achieve their best “LIFE”.


At its core, our business is about partnering with people to help them achieve their best “LIFE”.

The Corporate Social Responsibility programmes at Divi’s largely focus on an integrated business model with social and environment priorities in order to create shared value.
The Corporate Social Responsibility activities at Divi’s are majorly concentrated around the neighboring villages of both the manufacturing units.
Providing a safe and healthy work environment for our colleagues, contractors and visitors is a business priority and core value at Divi’s.
Below are a few focus areas of our Corporate Social Responsibilities undertaken every year.

Child Empowerment

Children Benefited

Preventive Healthcare

People Benefited

Safe Drinking Water

People Benefited

Plantation Drives

Saplings Planted

Animal Welfare

People Benefited

Village Development

People Benefited

Child Empowerment

Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens, and it is they who determine our nation’s future. We at Divi’s want the future generations to learn to sustain while also learn to grow in their lives. This is only possible when today’s children are empowered to do so. We want to ensure that the needs of the community are met without compromising on safety of the future generations.


Key Initiatives FY2021-22:

  • Promoting Education
  • Preventive Healthcare
  • Rural Development
  • Empowering Women
  • Animal Welfare Support to Differently Abled
  • Livelihood Enhancement Projects
  • Safe Drinking water
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Promoting Rural Sports
  • Swaach Bharat
  • Promotion and Development of Arts & Culture


  • Child empowerment – 206 Schools, Empowering ~22,000 children
  • Providing safe drinking water – 92 locations, benefiting ~2,41,000 people everyday
  • Village Development – 19 Villages, ~44,000 people
  • Animal Welfare – Villages, ~7000
  • Laying CC Roads & construction of Drains – 8 villages, ~21,000 Beneficiaries
  • Plantations – 35 Villages, ~1,36,000 saplings
  • Preventive Healthcare 39 – Villages 1,00,000 Beneficiaries


Divi’s firmly believes that the provision of adequate healthcare is a basic necessity in any community. As a result, we encourage a preventive approach to healthcare. We try to achieve this by creating health awareness among the underprivileged people living near our manufacturing units. Our awareness initiatives have resulted in permanent changes in peoples’ attitude towards hygiene, leading to prevention of illness to decrease the burden of disease and associated risk factors.


Key Initiatives FY2021-22:

  • Free Eye and Dental care Camps
  • ORT training and pulse polio campaigns
  • Addl. Incentives for Family Planning and awareness campaigns on HIV/ Aids, epidemics and malaria
  • Fluorosis health camps
  • Pulse Polio Immunization Program


Preventive Healthcare – 39 Villages, ~1,00,000 beneficiaries


The Holistic Rural Development Programme endeavours to provide tools and means to the rural population to grow and prosper. Firstly, the critical needs of the chosen villages are identified and addressed in consultation with the village community and other stakeholders.


Key Initiatives  FY2021-22:

  • Laying of CC Roads in Villages
  • Construction of underground Drainages in Villages
  • Construction of Culverts
  • Construction of Overhead Tanks
  • Laying of Gravel Roads from villages to Agricultural Fields
  • Facilitate Street lights in Villages
  • Digging and Cleaning of Canals
  • Strengthening of Gram Panchayats

Significant projects undertaken by Divi’s in FY2021-22:

  • Laying with Gravel on katcha road in Chinthalagudem village
  • HI Mast Lights on National Highway at Ankireddygudem Junction
  • Construction of Slab Culvert at Ankireddygudem village
  • Digging and clearing of canal from Gokaram Cheruvu to Nemalikalva village
  • Strengthening of Chippada Gram Panchayat by facilitating with a computer & printer


In collaboration with the Animal Husbandry Department, Divi’s supports local communities that are primarily dependent on farming and rearing livestock. By setting up veterinary camps and ensuring the well-being of domestic animals, the programmes continue to support local villages and have paved the path for steady employment generation


Key Initiatives FY2021-22:

  • Conducting Veterinary Camps
  • Expert’s Advisory Camps on Dairy Development, Cattle feed and Animal Welfare
  • Improvement of Veterinary Dispensaries
  • Contribution of medical equipment, vaccination and medicines to veterinary hospitals


  •  05 Villages and ~7,000 People



Since 2014, Divi’s in collaboration with Tata Projects Limited, has enabled the installation of safe water stations in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The initiative has become highly successful due to the active participation of local communities that own, operate, and maintain these facilities. Utilising the sophisticated process of multi-stage reverse osmosis, the water systems remove contaminants and dissolved solids from water, making it perfectly suitable for human consumption.


Making Safe Drinking Water Accessible ( PROJECT  SUJALAM):

  • RO Plants Installed : 91
  • People Benefitted : ~2,41,000


Planting trees and promoting ecological balance to increase green cover is the most practiced custom at Divi’s to protect our society and maintain ecological balance.
The impact of such plantation drives has improved the oxygen cover for the local population in the villages.


Plantation Covered FY2021-22:

  • Villages Covered: 35
  • Number of Plantations: ~1,37,000

Impact Assessment Reports