COVID-19 !

Our commitment to uninterrupted supply of high quality APIs, safety of our employees &
safety of our community!


Commitment towards Our Stake holders

As a leading API manufacturer, Divi’s manufactures APIs that reaches millions of people world wide through our customers. We want to assure all of our stake holders’ that we are committed to being proactive and responsive as the global COVID-19 situation evolves.

Commitment towards our Customers

Divi’s is continually striving to provide uninterrupted supply of APIs to the best of its ability during these challenging times. Divi’s would like to thank our employees across all aspects of our business who are safeguarding the continuity of all the business activities within the limited resources we are operating at.

Connecting with the community

Divi’s believes that any support that can be offered to the communities that are impacted due to COVID-19 is positive and impactful, no matter how big or small. Divi’s is continuously supporting the communities around our manufacturing units by providing essential and hygiene needs such as food supplies, sanitizing supplies, protective masks etc.

Commitment towards Employee Safety

Divi’s priority remain focused on health and well-being of our Employees. Divi’s is strictly monitoring and adhering to rules and guidelines set by the Government authorities by following precautionary safety measures like social distancing , PPE and hygiene instructions through out their time in the workplace.

Commitment towards our Citizenship

Divi’s continues to work since the initial days of the COVID-19 pandemic to support the efforts of Local, State and National Governments by assisting them to contain the impact of the virus. Divi’s has relentlessly extended its support by providing relief funds to the state authorities and disaster management authorities in fighting this pandemic.


15 April 2020 | Sanitization

Sanitizing communities around our operating units

Divi’s undertook multiple measures with an intention to promote the health and well-being of the communities around our manufacturing units. Employees at all levels have been very supportive and has played their part in …

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